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Plumbing installation

Copper has some advantages that remain unrivaled by any other metal. And this has made copper one of the most sought after metal in developed nations today. Here are the reasons:

  • Leak Proof: Copper plumbing uses soldering unlike threading that is used in conventional plumbing and is therefore, leak proof.
  • Rust Proof: Copper is corrosion resistant and hence eliminates brown water problems and short life span normally faced with conventional plumbing.
  • Long Life: Unlike conventional plumbing, well-installed copper plumbing will last for over 50 years due to its excellent corrosion resistance and leak- proof jointing system.
  • Bendable: Unlike conventional pipes, copper pipes can be easily bent, thus reducing the number of fittings required, thereby reducing the overall cost. This is possible only with copper pipes that are suited for perfect bending shapes.

Soldering is not a highly skilled job. It requires basic training to make a proper joint with copper. Our partners are associated with trained plumbers who will help you with the installations.