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Air conditioning

If you do consider buying an AC, the variety of air conditioners available in the market is overwhelming. Models from various brands range in size, sophistication, features and price.
Cooling Capacity: Most air conditioners are rated per hour or by tonnage. It depends upon various factors such as average ambience temperature, the size of the room, the number of people present, exposure of the walls to sunlight etc
Compressor Types: The compressor is the air conditioners most important component. It helps in the cooling process and can be of three types: reciprocating, rotary and scroll.
Energy efficiency ratio (EER): It's the ratio of its cooling capacity to the electricity it consumes under standard operating conditions. The higher the EER ratio, the better chance you have against getting a eluvia electricity bill!
These are just a few and this AC buying guide will cover all the related terminology to bring all the information at your finger tips and help you in making an informed buying decision.