About Us

The Victor Plumbing and Heating primarily purchases pre-assembled products such as industrial pipes, valves and fittings, plumbing supplies, heating and ventilation equipment, and lumber and building materials. These products are then delivered to Group branches or regional distribution centers for onward sale to customers either against orders or over the counter, and they may be collected by the customer or delivered to a site.
The Victor Plumbing and Heating typically contracts with local, as well as international, suppliers for products. Contracts with customers range from individual purchases to supply arrangements for entire systems of plumbing, heating and electrical systems.
The Group distributes and supplies products in four main categories: (i) plumbing, heating and air conditioning, (ii) building materials, (iii) electrical, and (iv) civil/waterworks, industrial and commercial.
Victor Plumbing and Heating provide all domestic plumbing and heating requirements from bathroom suites to full gas central heating systems. We are always improving our installations by keeping in touch with all new regulations and new installs on the market including renewable energy, rampage scheme and under floor heating, all with high efficient A rated boilers. We also install all hot water systems from storage tanks and fully pumped systems. We are full gas safe registered and use fully qualified electricians, also have full liability insurance. We are very health and safety mannered and take pride in your home from putting dust sheets down to cleaning up completely.
Our company has grown to meet the needs of our own customers. Our growth continues, but at a slow careful pace. We have a devoted customer base which we try to serve first before all others.